Monday, November 18, 2013

noodles n sweatpantz

sweatpants zara // baseball cap mama // shirt brandy melville // shoes converse all-star // leather jacket xxi // lips media by mac

DEFINITELY CHANNELING . . . my inner korean pop star with this outfit. I've had a penchant for sweatpants these past few days and recently found these at Zara. Like any (good) pair of sweatpants, they are superbly comfy and made for a great thermal choice when making the 1.5 mile trek to the bus station in the cold. My friend and I made a quick, spontaneous trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art- I didn't plan on documenting this outfit so please excuse the flash quality on these photos. My mom also had a box full of these wholesale basic baseball caps so I copped a few in black, white, and navy. Thanks, ma.


  1. I missed your blog posts so much! Love the outfit by the way, you pull off those sweatpants so well :)

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  3. loving the relaxed look.
    (btw i enjoy your blog more than your youtube vids) keep it up! ♥

  4. Totally rocking the sweat pants! Love it.

    Verve Hues

  5. This is super cute
    S xx

  6. Still killing it in sweatpants, you are the best haha

    - Vicky

    x x

  7. Just recently stumbled across your YouTube channel, which brought me here! Love the outfit and love your YouTube channel :)

  8. OMG! I'm totally in love with your blog! Love it!! - Mariana b.

  9. Comfy, cool, casual. Awesome look here! :] // ☼

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  11. Love your blog! I love that Spaghetti ;)



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