Monday, November 18, 2013

noodles n sweatpantz

sweatpants zara // baseball cap mama // shirt brandy melville // shoes converse all-star // leather jacket xxi // lips media by mac

DEFINITELY CHANNELING . . . my inner korean pop star with this outfit. I've had a penchant for sweatpants these past few days and recently found these at Zara. Like any (good) pair of sweatpants, they are superbly comfy and made for a great thermal choice when making the 1.5 mile trek to the bus station in the cold. My friend and I made a quick, spontaneous trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art- I didn't plan on documenting this outfit so please excuse the flash quality on these photos. My mom also had a box full of these wholesale basic baseball caps so I copped a few in black, white, and navy. Thanks, ma.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


THIS PAST SATURDAY . . . was BeautyCon, a convention for all things beauty in the YouTube community. As a style vlogger, I was invited to go all three days but unfortunately was only able to make it out to only one day. Nonetheless, I had so much fun, meeting so many viewers and mingling with other content creators. It was too hectic to get any photos on my DSLR, so here's another phone outfit post for ya'll.

86 Jersey // Topshop
Paneled leather skirt //
Romy heels //
A. Wang inspired bag

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Choies lucite box clutch // YSL glossy stain // Topshop mirrored heels // Karen Walker number one sunglasses

I CAN'T TELL YOU . . . how long it's been since I officially gave up my search for an affordable lucite box clutch. I had seen some pop up on my favorite e-tailers but couldn't get myself to spend over $100 on such a trendy, ephemeral piece... until I found this beaut on Choies a few weeks back. It arrived in the mail today- gotta hate that late international delivery! But I'm super stoked to say the least.   Not too sure exactly what I'll want to showcase in it just yet but I thought I'd just throw in my iPhone for these photos. I just upgraded literally yesterday and after being totally set on black, I opted for white instead last minute when the guy asked me. But I actually love the way it looks and am so far not regretting my decision. ;-)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


shoes; skort; top | zara. a wang ripoff | baginc. karen walker number one sunnies.

WHEN THERE'S NO TIME . . . to whip out the 5lb DSLR, you whip out the iPhone. I went out to lunch & tea with some blogger babes Jessica and Jo today. A blogger lunch turned out to be a feast, see instagrams here and here, so this outfit was actually quite ideal for the high 70s low 80s weather and incredible amounts of eating the day had acquired.

all photos via iphone four

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